Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death. We can all we be affected at any time, anywhere. The only effective therapy in cardiac arrest is to call immediately 144 and begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation, because every minute counts! The Philips HeartStart AED is the simplest device of its kind on the market, but training can help the laymen feel more comfortable using it in an emergency, thus is highly recommended. Swiss Defibrillator can include training as part of a comprehensive offer including the AED. Training can be done in small groups so that all questions can be effectively answered.

Swiss Defibrillator offers AED training as follows:

  • How to proceed when when someone looses consciousness and has a sudden cardiac arrest
  • CPR Methods and airway obstruction
  • Intensive training according to the ABC scheme by several examples of real cases
  • Necessary Emergency Measures
  • Introduction to defibrillation with AED
  • Application of a Philips HeartStart AED trainer
  • Use of the AED, the minutes of AED treatment, AED demonstration
  • Operation of an AED, utilization, maintenance and precautions
  • Verification of achievements

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