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Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death worldwide. In Switzerland every year 10,000 people suffer from Cardiac Arrest with a 9 % survival rate. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are the difference between life and death. Philips HeartStart Defibrillators are designed for use by ordinary people in extraordinary moments, the only Automated External Defibrillator worldwide that can be used without a prescription.

  • Simple to use - Push the on/off button and a clear voice instruction talks you through to each step of the way.
  • Safe - HeartStart is the fastest defibrillator, as it only requires 8 seconds after CPR analysis to begin treatment.
  • Reliable - HeartStart self checks daily all its defibrillator parts so you are confident it is always ready for an emergency.


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Don McQuinn, NY

"Without that machine, I was gone. It was over."
Playing water volleyball in a hotel pool Don McQuinn suddenly went face down in cardiac arrest. Quick-thinking friends administered CPR. A policeman arrived with an automated external defibrillator, placed the pads on this chest, the AED analysed his heart rhythm and instructed the police man to deliver the single shock that brought him McQuinn back to life.

One shock was all it took. "Without that machine I was finished," Don said. "The policeman used the thing for the first time, so I have to think it's foolproof. It's reading what's going on in there and telling the guy." "That's the miracle of it," said his wife, Carol, "because if the machine doesn't read that it's a real cardiac arrest, it will not go off."

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